How to draw webcomics – dingBeans!

From a blank page to the website – this video takes you in a fast paced race to get the job done.  Featuring Roy, a homeless man and his random thoughts, you get the full scope of producing a webcomic!

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CREATUREBOX Interview at Heroes Con 2012

The master artists from Creaturebox talk about their art, their process and what’s new on the horizon.  From concept art for video games to their work using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Greg and Dave are the dynamic duo of MONSTERS!

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Graveyard Gang is Gangbusters!

Rich Clabaugh – creator of the new webcomic “The Graveyard Gang” asked a for advice – I’d like to share out email discussion to encourage other new creators to do more and not stop doing!

Hi Peter,
My name is Rich Clabaugh and I just launched my site/comic last month ( As I get my feet wet in the vast ocean that is the world of webcomics, I can use any advice/help I can get. I found your site and I think it will be a great resource. Thank you so much!
Best of luck,  Rich

I checked out your webcomic and it’s great start! It is a clean presentation, well thought out, easy to navigate (on the home page), clear characters and a really fine drawing style! I have only two suggestions for you:
1. Don’t stop – it will take time to build an audience – some will love it /some won’t – who cares. Post on time, keep working to build a following not only with other webcomic people but also and more important, non webcomic people. Get your title on lists, work to get on Digg, Reddit anything that will get your product out there. Put something on each one of your categories pages – that way we know there will be more to come! Get fired up and keep working. Go to comic conventions that recognize webcomics, meet the people doing it and reading them and after your comfortable – put together a small book and show at one!!! That might be a year or two in the future but start mingling –
2. This is technical – your tomb stone navigation it very clever, but it’s hard to navigate once you get off of your home page. Put your navigation (in some form) at the top of your site and in the same place on every page to make it easier to go from page to page. If readers have to keep hitting the back arrow to navigate – they’ll get board and stop. If you are on Google Analytics, which you should be, you’ll be able to track how many pages people go to, which ones and how long they stay. This will give you an idea of what readers are interested in and if the pages are really needed. If the navigation is not in front of them from the beginning – they just go on to some other webcomic.
3. I lied – three things – let your style continue to develop. It’s a webcomic – it can evolve – until you have what you like and then change again until your followers let you know what they like and eh, go ahead and evolve again!
4. I’m a habitual liar, four things – when you have a good archive built up – advertise – try Project Wonderful!

And of course – I’m no expert – I’m learning day to day myself so listen to podcasts like Digital Strips for opinions, Webcomic Alliance and Webcomic Beacon for current news and trends – when I started I focused on their early episodes to get more info than opinions. Look at as many different webcomics as you can for techniques, layouts and styles. Read webcomic opinion and reviews – but only with one eye – they can be harsh and you have to keep in mind that they are “opinions”.

You obviously have some web skills – exploit them!

Now on to my business – would you mind if I feature your webcomic on my site / facebook / twitter and use what I just wrote as words of encouragement for other creators?!? I would also like to trade a link to build web presence – you game?  Let me know.
Peter  –  Web Studio D

TOTALLY game Peter!

Thanks so much for checking out my site and your kind words and encouragement. I have been laboring over this first issue for a LONG time, so it still seems strange to finally be putting it out there for all to see after it being such a personal thing for so long. Yeah I know I have many miles ahead of me but I am VERY excited. Now I just have to prove myself by posting on a regular basis. I am trying to slowly get myself out there but I know producing a great comic is the top priority!

Oh and thanks so much for pointing out the lack of NAV buttons on my ‘other’ pages. They WERE there! I have been upgrading WORDPRESS/COMICPRESS and some weirdness has been happening because of it I believe. My ‘Share’ buttons at the end of my posts have gone missing too, and I haven’t been able to solve that one yet! Oh the fun keeps goin’!

Well back to the ‘day’ job, thanks again, take care, and I hope to talk again soon!

I hope this conversation answers some questions and sparks some interest in The Graveyard Gang and creating webcomics.  If anyone would like a similar treatment on Web Studio D – contact me at or reply in the comments panel – please, don’t expect me to critique the quality of your story and art – my main concern is how you are getting the word out – any webcomic that posts regularly is a great webcomic to e!

Visit Rich at and check out his great new creation!

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Ninjasaur – an interview with Jason Horn

Jason Horn takes time at Heroes Con 2012 and talks about his 6 years of work on Ninjasaur and Gruff!  He was excited about being at Heroes Con and his successful Kick Starter project.

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Cleopatra in Space – The Heroes Con 2012 Interview

In Mike Maihack’s second interview with Web Studio D, he takes time out at Heroes Con 1012 and talks about his third chapter of Cleopatra in Space and his work on Goblins Drool and Fairies Rule.  Mike is a true professional and a great webcomic creator!


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