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How to draw webcomics – dingBeans!

From a blank page to the website – this video takes you in a fast paced race to get the job done. Featuring Roy, a homeless man and his random thoughts, you get the full scope of producing a webcomic!
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CREATUREBOX Interview at Heroes Con 2012

The master artists from Creaturebox talk about their art, their process and what’s new on the horizon. From concept art for video games to their work using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Greg and Dave are the dynamic duo of MONSTERS! Continue reading

Graveyard Gang is Gangbusters!

Rich Clabaugh – creator of the new webcomic “The Graveyard Gang” asked a for advice – I’d like to share out email discussion to encourage other new creators to do more and not stop doing! Continue reading

Ninjasaur – an interview with Jason Horn

Jason Horn takes time at Heroes Con 2012 and talks about his 6 years of work on Ninjasaur and Gruff! He was excited about being at Heroes Con and his successful Kick Starter project. Continue reading

Cleopatra in Space – The Heroes Con 2012 Interview

In Mike Maihack’s second interview with Web Studio D, he takes time out at Heroes Con 1012 and talks about his third chapter of Cleopatra in Space and his work on Goblins Drool and Fairies Rule. Mike is a true professional and a great webcomic creator!
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