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Pea Green Coffee Cup

This interview at Heroes Con 2012, Jared Cullum talks about his webcomic; Pea Green Coffee Cup. Jared takes time to discuss the strips origin, he work as a graphic designer and using Project Wonderful as a tool to get the word out. Continue reading

Girls with Slingshots!

This interview with Danielle Corsetto, webcomic creator, features her history with Girls with Slingshots, McPedro and what’s upcoming with her comic! Continue reading

Capes N Babes – an interview with Chris Flick

Chris Flick is the webcomic creator of Capes N Babes about a strip mall, a comic shop and a werewolf! Continue reading

Undead Norm – Webcomic!

Undead Norm – the webcomic developed by Christine Brunson and Melanie Florencio! Continue reading

Select / Modify / Expand – re imagining IAM

Use the magic want then the combination of Select / Modify / Expand to enlarge the color area so that you don’t get the pixels that cause a white line between the color and black out line. Continue reading