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Re-imagne your characters!

When you create your web comic, don’t feel stuck in the original concept and design. Continue reading

Color in Photoshop Part 1 – BLASTER!

This video is a quick look at the coloring process – specifically the importance to use three colors as a minimum and adding a texture to draw in some interest. Continue reading

Color Mode for Webcomics

Knowing a little about color modes may help webcomic creators put some impact into their webcomics.  Here’s a video demonstrating the options.

Don’t stop sketching!

Scrap pieces of paper, a pencil laying around, time on my hands – want to continue to explore established characters!

Sketch sketch sketch

I’ve been told a million times to sketch every chance I get.  I never have – but I’m trying.  My psycho brain has always made me think twice about ruining a clean sheet of paper, want to design it lightly … Continue reading