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Capes N Babes – an interview with Chris Flick

Chris Flick is the webcomic creator of Capes N Babes about a strip mall, a comic shop and a werewolf! Continue reading

Undead Norm – Webcomic!

Undead Norm – the webcomic developed by Christine Brunson and Melanie Florencio! Continue reading

Manga Studio to Photoshop

Nicholas Freeman talks about his process in penciling, using Manga Studio and then finishing in Photoshop!

Interview with Nicholas Freeman

As the creator of The Adventures of YAZ and Scout’s Honor, Nicholas wears all the hats as writer / illustrator and publisher.  You can see his work on his Tumblr and deviantART sites!

Interview with Amy Vitale of Red Angel

An exciting interview with actress / model Amy Vitale – lead character in the new hit comic from What the Flux?! comics – RED ANGEL!