Re-imagne your characters!

When you create your web comic, don’t feel stuck in the original concept and design.  Once you get your webcomic up and running, don’t feel trapped.  Yes, give your audience consistency.  Yes, create a solid story line and characters.  Yes, warn your audience that you are trying out new things and that you want feedback.  Then have some fun.

Code of Edoc

The story is plotted out in 24 Junctures (chapters) and when the characters travel to a new Juncture (this case dimension) – they will appear different. This difference will take place by using a new cartooning style, set of colors / textures and backgrounds.   I plan on exploring Steampunk, manga, animation styles and more.  Juncture 1 is online now, in Juncture 2, I plan on getting inside Sophia’s head and playing a dream world.  I will be using a super deform size of three heads high – like a Chibi!  Here are some examples of sketches and try outs for my re imagining!

Edoc – the shape shifting key to the whole mystery!

Sophia – created to open the portals between the dimensions of the multi-verse!

Samyaza – determined to close the portals between the dimensions of the multi-verse!

Iam – Sophia’s guardian and mentor in her journey from creation to destruction!

Take an “other world” adventure.  Explore your artistic talents.  Excite your audience!  Re-imagine!

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