Expand your photo-cartoon in Photoshop.

Make every photo-cartoon a painting to fit the mood of the message. 

A photo-cartoon is static in itself.  Without some filters, some camera trickery, the image is simple and direct – which might be what you want.  Let’s get real, the overuse of some Photoshop filters and gradients is making a bad name for webcomics.  So why not spread out and do something unexpected.  You can create a specific style by experimenting with mixing and matching filters or change subtly from panel to panel and take your audience for a ride.

Filters like ARTISTIC give you options like cutout / film grain / neon glow / palette knife / poster edge and sponge, SKETCH gives you charcoal / conte crayon / halftone pattern and torn edge, the STYLIZE option provides emboss / glowing edge and solarize.  You can explore so much more in BLUR / BRUSH STROKES / NOISE…………it goes on and on!

I use filters for Wildflower Patti for every panel and I am amazed how I can manipulate my pictures to match the moods I can’t get with just my camera.

Example 1 – filter: under Brush Strokes I used Accented Edges.

Example 2 – filter: under Artistic I used Dry Brush.

Example 3 – filter: under Artistic I used Poster Edges.

Example 4 – filter: under Artistic I used Sponge.

Now what you really need to do is to not only apply filters, but also manipulate the sliders of each filter to refine your style and if you save between filters, you can apply filters on top of filters.  On my parting shot – write down what what filters and settings you used and in what order – in case you have to reproduce it in the future!

Don’t be afraid of experimenting!  It’s your photo-comic, make it really your own!

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