Panel Design

YES!  You can have a black line surrounding your comic.  YES!  You can have a white background.  YES!  You can do what has been done to death!!!! 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Panel backgrounds can be in color and be outlined in more than just a thick black line.  If you are working in Photoshop – as most of us are, you have such powerful tools that you don’t have to settle with the usual.  On my first outing with web cartooning, I began with dingBeans – with over 600 posts – I wanted to surprise and delight.  So, I decided to create a bevel edge and a pale green background to frame Roy and his random thoughts.It was at that time I did copy everyone else and added the important information.  This included a date and signature to the right hand side, my website address and copyright info to the left.  The hardest part was deciding where to put these things so that they did not interfere the message or the art of the comic.  dingBeans is an abstract sort of single panel cartoon – go look at it to understand it.







I did the same with Mann in School but this time I put in an orange background to go along with a pop art style – which works!!!  I encourage you to go to the site and see how the panels flow.

And for variety, here are example of Love and Maskerade:

And Wildflower Patti:

Just to show you some variety.

Sooooooooo – you’ve got the power – you’ve can make of your comic what ever you want.  Follow your heart and artistic self!

Contact me with your art style and I’ll put it into a feature on the website.


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