Writer’s block – overcome it!

BRAIN CRAMP Aaaarrggggghhhhhhhhhhh – writer’s block is not terminal!

If you treat writing like a bank account, you can have a lot stored up for a rainy day!  Here are tips for keeping the fluids flowing:

  • Scribble / doodle / sketch your ideas then write about them.
  • Write one liners on post-its and post them on a wall you see everyday.  Go back and sort them / edit them / use them.
  • Write about your character’s back story.
  • Time warp your characters into the future or the past.
  • Put your character in a different job – have different super powers – change them into the hero or villain – change their sex or race.
  • Write on every scrap of paper you find and at the end of the day sort / file them by character / location / story line.
  • Take a walk with a voice recorder and play news reporter – describe what you see in a gritty / sarcastic / funny / hateful way.
  • Start with phases like:  “I really it when…” or “You’ve got to be kidding…” then dump the intro line and continue the thought.

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DOING!   Being an insomniac, I will put on the TV and listen for key words and phrases that spark ideas.  I write them all down whether I ‘m going to use them now or not and file them in the morning if they still hold my attention.  Paper and pencils surround me.  Scraps of paper are all around me.  My desk is more of a place to stack stuff.  Sometimes I have special notebooks and pens for writing but they often become constricting.

THINGS THAT I DON’T DO!  Ask for ideas from others – I have the feeling that I am not in control, that I’ve given up my creative control – but hey – you  might be better working on committee then me!  Plagiarize – big no – no!  It always comes back to kick you in the face and why do something someone else did – you’re in this because “you” have something to say.  And don’t moan and complain about it unless you can include that in your current story line!  Some do – but be careful – it gets old fast.


  • Schedule time to write, its like potty training and if works – do it!
  • Be spontaneous and do the writing on the napkin thing, the back of the receipt thing, the write on your arm / hand / leg – someone else’s leg.
  • Make writing a 24/7 thing.
  • If you are also the artist – draw first then write second.
  • Heck, try a silent gag!
  • Roll out a long piece of paper, turn up the music to a ear blistering volume and write like your throwing up – mad / crazy / whacked out – then go back and sort out words and phrases to use.
  • And if all else fails – on a good day – write and draw a strip that has nothing to do with anything and publish that so you don’t have a break in your schedule.  Your readers expect to find something new when promised – keep up to your promise.

Your best bet is striking when the iron is hot – write / draw and put it away for a rainy day!

If you have any other tips – get in touch and let me know!

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