Photoshop Tips – no inking!

Do you really need to ink every pencil line you make – well – it comes down to detail.  If you have fine lines – YES!  If you have simple lines – no – not really.


Here is Roy from the webcomic: dingBeans.  He was drawn on vellum bristol – blue pencil at first then using a HB 0.9mm mechanical pencil, the drawing was finihsed – NO INKS!


When scanning use a high resolution – 600 if you can.  In Photoshop, create a new file – again at a 600 resolution and color mode of Grayscale.  You want to stay with Grayscale in the beginning to be able to have the choice of filters to finish the job.  Paste your scan.



Next select “Sketch” from the “Filter” file – then choose “Stamp”.








The screen that will come up, will show you the drawing with the “Stamp” filter applied.  You’ll want to re size it in the field (lower left control panel) and then play with the controls to change the amount of line to be effected.  Once you’re satisfied – you might want to jot these settings down and use them to make sure that future drawings have the same feeling and line thickness.



PRESTO – INKED!  Now you can change the color mode to suit – CYMK for print, RGB for web, Grayscale for a black and white presentation.


Here’s what they look like together:






What’s the value – if  your lines are basic, your confident of the shapes you’re producing and you want to save time and eliminate one part of the process – use the “Stamp” filter.




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