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     To start my own webcomics,

I turned to podcasts, interviews and other webcomic sites. They were and still are a big influence for me.  I soon realized that I had to find and tune in to the earlier works of experienced webcomic people to get the basics for creating my own.  And then it hit me, I have been through so much since 2009 that it would have all been easier if someone had just put it in simpler terms. 

     That’s what I am trying to do with Web Studio D!

      It was also a podcast from the “pro’s” that really set me off.  They yacked endlessly about the demise of print comics – each having to survive on the sales of their own print comics, then I heard one of them say – “Stop asking me about pencils and file sizes and drawing tablets.  Get that from earlier shows, buy a book or get it from somewhere else.” – paraphrased of course.  But hey, disheartening at the least.  I stopped listening – to them.  Like any other business, you need repetition, they lost me as a fan – their numbers were now down to 999.

     In my life, I was a theatrical scenic artist, a teacher, a graphic designer and many more less creative things – but mostly an optimist and an insomniac.  So now I spend time in my day job and then do my webcomics and build this blog that will help others be encouraged to start their webcomics.  I love to simplify things, make You Tube videos about things and ask for others to contribute things!  If you get through all this rambling and want to add your two cents about how you do webcomcis or what your simple solutions are – contact me!  I’m open to just about anything – that’s positive!

     I’ll see you at the comic conventions, I’ll see you on the web, I’ll see you when you make that first post – keep in touch.


Creator of anklebiters. dingBeans, Mann in School, Love and Maskerade, Wildflower Patti and Code of Edoc

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