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How to draw webcomics – dingBeans!

From a blank page to the website – this video takes you in a fast paced race to get the job done. Featuring Roy, a homeless man and his random thoughts, you get the full scope of producing a webcomic!
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Select / Modify / Expand – re imagining IAM

Use the magic want then the combination of Select / Modify / Expand to enlarge the color area so that you don’t get the pixels that cause a white line between the color and black out line. Continue reading

Using “lock image pixels” in coloring webcomics.

When keeping the black outline of the comic pure, put it on it’s own layer and lock the pixels so it can’t be altered. This video uses the character Samyaza from Code of Edoc to demonstrate the simple and important Photoshop element. Continue reading

Re-imagne your characters!

When you create your web comic, don’t feel stuck in the original concept and design. Continue reading

Flame Painter App Review for Webcomics

Flame Painter is for everyone at every level.  This app lets you create special effects that can easily be opened in Photoshop and used as backgrounds, transitional panels and comic effects.