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Don’t stop sketching!

Scrap pieces of paper, a pencil laying around, time on my hands – want to continue to explore established characters!

Sketch sketch sketch

I’ve been told a million times to sketch every chance I get.  I never have – but I’m trying.  My psycho brain has always made me think twice about ruining a clean sheet of paper, want to design it lightly … Continue reading

Webcomics – blue line paper!

When I look at the price of paper, Bristol, vellum, tracing – heck even good quality of typing paper and I cannot bring myself to buy pre cut and pre printed paper with blue lines on them. I am not the professional that I read about in the books and magazines. I am a webcomic creator and my money needs to go somewhere else! Cheap – maybe – innovative – on a rare day – brought up to understand how far my pennies go – you betcha’! Here’s the scoop for scaling: Continue reading