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Select / Modify / Expand – re imagining IAM

Use the magic want then the combination of Select / Modify / Expand to enlarge the color area so that you don’t get the pixels that cause a white line between the color and black out line. Continue reading

Using “lock image pixels” in coloring webcomics.

When keeping the black outline of the comic pure, put it on it’s own layer and lock the pixels so it can’t be altered. This video uses the character Samyaza from Code of Edoc to demonstrate the simple and important Photoshop element. Continue reading

Expand your photo-cartoon in Photoshop.

Make every photo-cartoon a painting to fit the mood of the message. Continue reading

Photoshop mini tip – COMMAND Z

My life saving shortcut is the ability to undue my obvious mistakes! Command “Z” on Mac and Control “Z” on Windows.  I am working on a Mac using Photoshop CS5 which allows one step undue using Command “Z”.  If you … Continue reading

Photoshop Tips – no inking!

Do you really need to ink every pencil line you make – well – it comes down to detail. If you have fine lines – YES! If you have simple lines – no – not really. HERE’S THE TIP AND THE TRICK! Here is Roy from the webcomic: dingBeans. He was drawn on vellum bristol – blue pencil at first then using a HB 0.9mm mechanical pencil, the drawing was finished – NO INKS! Continue reading